Dainty Center/Willow Wood School is a unique, progressive learning environment because it involves many aspects of a child’s development. The staff, the students and their families are all members of the Dainty Center expanded family. Children feel that they are part of a safe and loving community.

Over 30 years of commitment to education and the childcare industry, Dainty Center/Willow Woods School’s reputation for excellence shares the same joys and benefits from our local recognition in community, as well as throughout East County.


High standards of academic achievement

Our teaching theory and applications are unique, integrating proven traditional methods with the new information classroom. We facilitate an environment utilizing the fundamentals of Bloom’s Taxonomy as a model for higher level reasoning and critical thinking skills.

  • We facilitate a safe and trusting environment by a set of consistent group goals.
  • Personal development is an integral part of the DC/WWS experience, with emphasis on developing values of honesty, compassion, personal responsibility, pride, & self-confidence.
  • Hands on learning experiences
  • Cooperative learning structure where teachers and parents are partners in each child’s education. The learning environment includes the home, the classroom and various outdoor areas, those on campus and those encountered on field trips.
  • Unparalleled Teacher and Staff Retention

    7 years is the average number of years, our teachers and staff have been working at Dainty Center/Willow Wood School. According to recent a recent study of 75 child care centers in three Northern California counties, turnover among staff is alarmingly high: three-quarters of all teachers in 1996 were no longer on the job in 2000.

  • Consistency year to year in a continual program beginning at 3 months through the 7th Grade – Many families today are looking for alternatives other than traditional public education. Dainty Center/Willow Wood School is the ONLY non-secular program in the East County that offers private education for families and their children beginning from their birth year through 7th grade.
  • Offering over 20 parent workshops and family building activities throughout each school year and a variety of enrichment activities/programs – for children, parents, and the entire family. Our parents as Teachers program (T.A.P), is a great way to give back to your child’s classroom. Beginning the year with our Family Potluck, Family Night, Spotlight on Education, WWCFK Dinner Dance, DPA Socials… and more.
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    Infant Program

    Our Expanded-Family Learning structure is especially positive for parents that work outside the home professionally. Although all areas of our infants development are critically impacted for positive future growth, their emotional well being is an “over-all” priority. The practicing and modeling of common communication, problem solving and community building structure by teaching and parenting in the classroom and homes creates a positive, trusting, nourishing environment that is emotionally experienced and recognized as one structure… by young infants. Inferred of “Apart from” their infants, they become a part of . Our infants learning activities strongly influenced by the applied concept of full-extensive learning. Infants are exposed to fund elements of programs such as Math-Their-Way, Zoo-Phonics, and Spanish as a second language. This very early cognitive “imprinting” at an early age, opens the way for enthusiastic, on-going learning as the child matures.

    Multi-sensory learning is another equally important concept applied to our babies daily experiences. Activities that allow them to touch, feel, taste, smell, hear, an manipulate their environment encourage the healthy philological and emotional development of each individual child.

    At the infant level, individual patterns of eating and sleeping are established. Infants are in the larger outdoor learning environment on a daily basis. It is a regular up to visit older child classrooms and play areas. This integration of the older/younger child is a foundation aspect of our learning community.


    Our learning & developmental structure encompasses all of our children from infants through the 7th grade. The young child is immersed in integrated activities that allow each child to learn in their strongest way and time frame. High expectations and specific goals in social skills, emotional development and age appropriate academic activities are set by each of our teachers, but each child’s place on the developmental connection is respected and given the highest priority. Where as most of us grew up with a standardized curriculum that provided both “right” questions as well as “one-right” answer. It did most of the real thinking for us…the critical thinking.