Welcome To Dainty Center / Willow Wood School

Willow Wood School – Private Elementary

Jr. Kindergarten through 7th Grade

Students at Willow Wood School flourish both independently and cooperatively, while gaining a rich educational foundation, individualized attention, and opportunities to make lifelong friends. Our mission is to nurture a love-for-learning, creativity and individuality in each of our students. Our progressive curriculum provides students with the necessary life long learning tools to excel.

Critical thinking, this allows us to teach to the fastest learner without leaving anyone behind. In this cooperative learning structured classrooms students deepen the “teach to the fastest learner” philosophy. We are able to meet every child’s academic growth by grouping children in reading labs and/or math labs, rather than by age.

Personal development is an integral part of the Willow Wood School experience, with emphasis on developing values of honesty, compassion, personal responsibility, pride, & self-confidence.

Our Programs

Our Mission

To provide a safe, trusting and inclusive environment for the positive growth of each unique individual as well as our collective “expanded-family”. Staff, parents, and children, in unity and with respect for diversity, encouraged self-discover through cooperative interaction with each other. Individuality and together, we facilitate the development of our center as a loving, Spiritual community. Shawn & Cookie are husband and wife, as well, both are Co-Owners and Founders of Dainty Center/Willow Wood School.

Our Campus

Dainty Center/Willow Wood School is located in Brentwood, California, on part of the historic Dainty Family farm. Our beautifully landscaped grounds contain five separate spacious playgrounds. We encourage you to visit our Outdoor Learning Environments (OLE’s), such as the delta pond, bird aviary, butterfly garden and petting zoo, which are all integrated into the classroom curriculum. Other special areas include an extensive live reptile and amphibian display in our school lobby and a hand painted, fully operational carousel in the preschool play yard. Our facility has sixteen classrooms for children from three months of age through the seventh grade, one of which is our Technology Center, as well as two on-site libraries and an outdoor stage for assemblies and performances.